What you need to know when selecting a sheet mask

Sheet masks are very effective when you need immediate hydration on your face. In Greece, white skin was considered as most beautiful regardless of how they looked. Therefore, people eagerly used sheet masks to make their skin whiter.


Grain powders put on face → Wash it off with milk


Wealthy class started put on gold mixed with plants and during 19th century, they started mixing egg and honey with all sorts of grains and used it as facial masks.

As explained, skin care has been developing for a very long time. Now we can experience thousands of different sheet masks. However, since there are so many kinds, we often face ourselves standing in front of a shelf or going through Amazon agonizing which one would suit me the best.


Which one should I use?
How can I get the best effect out of this sheet mask?
Wouldn't any ingredient in this sheet mask cause skin troubles?
Is this sheet mask really as effective as others say?


  1. Purchase one sheet for the brands you wish to try!

It is rather challenging to purchase sets of sheet masks without trying it before. It's wiser to purchase a single sheet mask, try it and see if it doesn't have any side effects on your skin. It is not late to purchase in bulk after.

If your skin is more sensitive than others, you can put the serum on your neck or arm, see if it doesn't cause any troubles. Then try on your skin to see if it fits!


  1. Always read the ingredients



This applies to any cosmetic products you purchase. Read the ingredients thoroughly and see if there is any ingredient that could irritate your skin. See weather or not it has hazardous ingredients. Some people say for some ingredients, it is safe to use even if it's considered as hazardous ingredient if it's contained under the limit. However, if you use the product daily, the ingredients can stack up inside our body, so my recommendation is to just avoid those ingredients.

Here are some of the ingredients that are considered unsafe.

  • Paraben
  • Diethanolamine
  • Mineral Oil
  • Dimethicone
  • PEG
  • Benzophenone-3
  • Penoxyethanol

I will deeply go thorough about the ingredients you must avoid!


  1. What type of a sheet mask should I choose?

Most of the sheet masks in the market can function as a good moisturizer. Therefore, what you need to see is nutrition it can deliver and other functions like whitening (if needed) or wrinkle care. If your skin is lack of nutrition, try to find sheet masks that contains active ingredients that provide nutrition. If you are concerned about whitening, look for the ones with Niacinamide with other natural ingredients contained. For acne care, it is important that you care for fundamental cause for acnes. I would suggest products that contains ingredients for pore care, peeling and removing skin waste.

But remember, all the other functions except hydration is likely to be providing secondary effects.


I'm sure all of you know but just to be sure, sheet masks are to be used after thorough facial cleansing. It is also better to use the sheet mask without putting on skin care products except toner. Simple just even your skin texture and put on the sheet mask!

It is best to leave on the sheet mask for 20~30 minutes. If you exceed the time it could rather take away the moisture from the skin so please be aware :)

When you are all done with the sheet mask, finish it off with moisturizing cream.

Use the remaining serum in the pouch on your neck and elbows, areas where you feel dried.

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