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Honey story

There are some ingredients that you are unlike to fail when using for skincare. And honey as an ingredient is without a doubt on top of the list. Honey has been close to human life for a long time as it did not need of any process before consuming. There is also a document proving that honey was consumed by people in Egypt 3 thousand years ago. Honey was also used as preservative for corpses, creating mummies and preserving fruits.

You are in desperate need of this sticky formular with fresh and sweet honey scent as the air gets chilly. In Korea, mothers used to put honey on the children's cracking lips as the air gets colder saying "don't lick it off your lips." Regardless of the children secretly licking the lips, their lips would turn soft and moist the next morning.

Why Honey?

As we all know, Cleopatra, and Poppaea (Nero's wife), the legendary beauty figures used honey and milk for bathing. Without a doubt, honey is an excellent ingredient for smoothing rough skin texture and elasticity. Sugar contained in honey is a great for removing dead skin cells and creating skin barrier. Amino acid and enzyme which are the main components of collagen in honey makes the skin healthier and elastic. Also, honey is an excellent antibacterial ingredient that won't rot even after a long preserving periods. Honey is well known as great beauty ingredient for skin for sensitive and irritated skin.

Honey is also high in antioxidant and naturally antibacterial which means it can delay skin aging as well as fight off acne. Honey will help reduce excessive sebum(oil) which can cause acnes by clogging pores. Honey will act as a cleaner on the skin so it will remove skin wastes from the pores, helping them not to clog.

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